The Intelligencer Newspaper just published candidate surveys.

Read the candidate surveys

See what both candidates said about their skills that would make them qualified to be a Tax Collector.

My opponent talked about his college degree from 15 years ago.  He talked about managing a $100Million organization, which is the School Board.  And he spoke of relationships he's formed.

Did he mention his background in Collections or Receivables once?  NO, because he has no experience.

Did he mention that he is a State Certified Tax Collector.  NO, because he isn't.

I urge everyone to vote with their heads & not with their hearts.  This office is too important to elect an inexperience novice.

Elect THOM ESTILOW for Cheltenham Township Finance Officer.

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"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of freedom."

Thomas Jefferson

ELECTION DAY 2017 is right around the corner.  As voters in Cheltenham Township, we have some real choices to make.  Cheltenham Township Finance Officer is a misnomer.  It suggests that the office holder manages the township's finances.  Not true.  This office should really be called Tax Collector.  It should go without saying that the only qualification to hold this job is a background in collections, otherwise known as Accounts Receivables.  Tough decisions.

Should we elect the candidate who is most qualified?

Or, should we vote  along straight party lines?

As the founder & owner of a Technology Business, I handled collections every day for 30 years.  By the time I reached my opponent's age of 38, I already had 11 years of experience in collections.

I am the only candidate who has handled Collections & Accounts Receivables

Tax Collectors in our state are bound by law under Pennsylvania Act 48.  Shouldn't we elect a candidate who is a state certified Tax Collector?

I am the only candidate who is a Qualified Pennsylvania ACT 48 Tax Collector

The most important virtue of a Tax Collector is INTEGRITY.  In Cheltenham Township, we collect over 150 Million Dollars each year in local taxes.  Shouldn't we demand a candidate who has the highest standard of integrity?  My opponent currently sits on the School Board.  Did he resign his position to run for Finance Officer?  NO.  But what is more troubling, the School Board just hired his family member to a high-paying administrative position.  Should we be concerned about his judgment?

I am the only candidate who has the honesty & integrity required to hold the office of Cheltenham Township Finance Officer

My opponent voted six straight years to raise our School Taxes to the highest levels in Montgomery County.  He also voted, along with the rest of the School Board, to oppose State Legislation which would eliminate local School Taxes.  So now that he has raised our taxes he wants to collect them, too?

I am the only candidate who has demonstrated sound judgment & fiscal responsibility throughout my professional career & in public service

Elect the only candidate who has the experience, qualifications & integrity to become Cheltenham Township Finance Officer.

Vote for Estilow on Election Day 2017.

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Heading Down The Home Stretch

​​​Candidate, Cheltenham Township Finance Officer

​​Thom Estilow


​​​Qualified Pennsylvania Act 48 Tax Collector