The Pennsylvania House Legislative District 154 serves Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough and Springfield Township

Jenkintown Borough resident and Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny must have a Guardian Angel that is second to none.

In addition to his nearly $90,000 per year salary as County Sheriff, he and his law firm has been hired by multiple municipalities, including Jenkintown Borough, to serve as Solicitor- adding to his fortune at the taxpayers expense.

Click here to see a list of his Solicitor Clients

​He also seems to have a penchant for being a central figure in crimes that were committed, but somehow escapes prosecution.

​Remarkably, a Federal Judge ordered his name removed as a Defendant in a Civil Rights Violation Case just because he's the lawyer- even when he was the central figure and co-conspirator.  It must be nice to have a job where you can't get charged with a crime.

Click here to read about the case

Equally disturbing is his involvement in two political corruption cases that resulted in convictions of the former Mayors of Allentown and Reading- where he and his firm were directly involved and central figures.  Did he or anyone in his firm get indicted?  Remarkably, no.

Click here to read about the Allentown corruption case

Click here to read about the Reading corruption case

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The Pennsylvania House Legislative District 154 serves Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough and Springfield (Montco) Township. 

Pennsylvania House Legislative District 154

Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough and Springfield Township



What's happening in our community

Our property taxes continue to soar, our school taxes continue to soar and he has constantly beat the drum for an increase in both personal and business income taxes.  For most of us, it would have a devastating effect.  How about for him?  If he wins re-election in 2020 and completes the full term, he will become eligible for his fourth household Public Pension- that's in addition to his nearly $100,000 per year State Representative salary.  Wow!  He'll be hauling in four or five hundred thousand dollars a year- all paid by the hard working taxpayers.  Of course he'll be able to handle his proposed tax increases.  What about one of his favorite subjects- Equal Pay?  Maybe he can share some with the rest of us.

And what are his policy issues?  His recent email to constituents discussed legislation that was passed by the Missouri General AssemblyYes, you read that right- the Missouri General Assembly.  What does that have to do with the residents in Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough & Springfield Township?

Here's a policy that we need right now:

Term Limits For Professional Politicians

Regardless of your party affiliation, it is time for a change.  Calling on the Democratic Party to find another candidate to represent us in 2020.  Calling on the Republican Party to find a candidate who can offer our voters a very needed change. 

Let's make it happen in 2020!

There was recent Hostile Takeover attempt within the  Cheltenham Township elected leadership.  Fortunately, for the sake of goodness and our democratic process, the attempted coup failed.

​It seems that Cheltenham Township's very own State Representative Steve McCarter had his sights on becoming the Emperor of Cheltenham Township.

 Apparently, he became increasingly disillusioned with several incumbent Township Commissioners and School Board Directors who, oddly, are registered to the same party as him.  

Even though the Democratic Party holds 15 out of 16 elected offices in Cheltenham, he wanted his "own people" in several of those offices and tried to orchestrate Primary Election Day opponents against the incumbents he felt were undesirable.

His hand-picked cronies came to their senses and withdrew.  His party membership rebuffed his takeover attempt.

Is this the behavior we want from those we elect to be Public Servants?

Come on Cheltenham Twp, Jenkintown Boro & Springfield Twp Democrats.  Stand up & return the favor next year in 2020.  Endorse your candidate to run against him in the 2020 Primary Elections.  We can do better.

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