#4 - My Opponent's Record: School Board

My opponent has been on the Cheltenham School Board the past six years; two of those years as President of the board.  His performance while serving on the board would have resulted in his dismissal in private industry.  His flawed judgment and lack of results while serving on the School Board should draw into question his fitness to serve as Cheltenham Township Finance Officer; which handles approximately $150Million each year.  Here's a few highlight's from my opponent's tenure on the School Board:

He voted to RAISE our School Property Taxes every year he has been on the board.

He signed a resolution OPPOSING state legislation to eliminate School Property Taxes.

He presided over the Cedarbrook Junior High fiasco which resulted in borrowing tens of millions of dollars to build a new school that has suffered from cost overruns and construction delays.  The school will open one year behind schedule.

He presided over the hiring of School Superintendents that resulted in 3 of them on the payroll at the same time.  He hired the first one; then one year into her contract, hired an interim one; then hired the current one.  All in the same year.  Incredibly, he voted along with the board to retain the interim superintendent to serve as a $10,000 per month consultant to oversee real estate.

He, along with his fellow board members, failed to react to teachers & students concerned with school violence which resulted in the horrible images we saw on TV where several teachers were seriously hurt; one being knocked unconscious.  Did he or the board condemn school violence? NO!! Instead, they condemned the filming & circulation of the violence by students that witnessed the event.  One bad judgment after another after another.

We need to elect a competent candidate to serve as Cheltenham Township's Finance Officer.

#3 - My Opponent's Record: Work Experience

The only responsibility of the Cheltenham Township Finance Officer is to collect local Real Estate Taxes.  My opponent has no meaningful work experience in a field related to the duties required by this office.  Specifically, my opponent has never handled Collections or Accounts Receivables.  The Finance Officer is responsible for collecting approximately $150Million each year.  Do you want an inexperienced novice handling the Government's money?

I am the only candidate who has handled Collections & Accounts Receivables.

#1 - My Credentials

When I was 27 years old, I founded my first business in Montgomery County.  I was responsible for every aspect of the business; including staffing, pension & benefit administration, office automation & software, and most importantly, Accounts Receivables & Payables.  The Cheltenham Township Finance Officer is required to have this background.  Compare candidates.  Does my opponent have the same background?  Just consider that I had already performed the required duties for 11 years by the time I had reached my opponents age.  Here is a brief summary of my credentials:

  • Founded, owned & operated businesses in Montgomery County since 1985
  • Responsible for all aspects of business operations including staffing, pension & benefit administration
  • Handled Accounts Receivables & Payables
  • Have served as Chief Financial Officer for both public & private sector enterprises since 1985
  • Have served as Treasurer for non-profit Boards of Directors
  • Former Pennsylvania State Representative Candidate in the 154th Legislative District
  • Received BS Engineering, Widener University, 1981
  • Enrolled in Dual MS Engineering/MBA Executive Program, Widener University, 1981 - 1985
  • NCAA student-athlete & member of NCAA National Champion Football Team, Widener University, 1977
  • Widener University Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, 2017

#5 - My Opponent's Record: Integrity

The most important work-related experience required for the Cheltenham Township Finance Officer is a background in Accounts Receivables; also known as collections.  My opponent has never handled collections before. 

The most important quality a Tax Collector must have is INTEGRITY.  After all, this office handles about $150 Million of the government's money each year; funded by the hard-working property owners in Cheltenham Township.

My opponent has been on the Cheltenham School Board for the past six years.  The awful images we have seen on TV with dedicated teachers becoming seriously injured as a result of violence was met with the School Board's decision to hire several "Climate & Culture" Administrators.  If you are like me, you are probably wondering what a Climate & Culture Administrator actually does, not to mention how much we are paying these individuals.

Incredibly, one of the Climate & Culture Administrators is the spouse of my opponent You read that correctly.  The School Board hired one of their spouses.  This stinks to high heaven!!  How is it possible that my opponent did not consider the appearance of impropriety when he voted to hire his spouse?  They have a word for this: NEPOTISM!!

We need to put an end to this & elect a competent and honest candidate.

The Cheltenham Township Finance Officer election is the most important race on our 2017 ballot.  Why?  Because this office handles over 150 Million Dollars from our taxpayers each year.  This office demands a candidate who has handled Accounts Receivables & Payables.  In addition, this office demands a candidate who has formed a business enterprise complete with staffing, office automation, record-keeping and operations.  There is only one candidate who meets these high standards.  And, I am the only candidate who is a QUALIFIED PENNSYLVANIA ACT 48 TAX COLLECTOR.  I encourage every voter to compare candidates.

I am the only candidate who has experience in collections

I am the only candidate who is a State Certified Tax Collector

Keep reading & find out more!!

#2 - Full Day's Work For Full Day's Pay

I was stunned to read an article that was published prior to the last election for this office.  The article indicated that the compensation for Cheltenham Township Finance Officer exceeded $100,000 per year for a 30-hour work week.  You read that correctly.  See it for yourself by clicking here.

Now I ask you, who doesn't want a six-figure part-time job?

In industry, a six-figure salary comes with high expectations & huge demands on one's time; sometimes missing important family or community events.  Failure to perform will always produce the same result; a replacement has been found for one's job.

Here is my pledge: When I'm elected as Cheltenham Township Finance Officer, the hard-working taxpayers of our community will know that I will be putting in a Full Day's Work for a Full Day's Pay.  Part-time work for full-time pay will come to an end on Day 1.  End of story.

​​Thom Estilow

​​​Qualified Pennsylvania Act 48 Tax Collector

See the Difference

​​​Candidate, Cheltenham Township Finance Officer


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